• How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes

    Learn How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes?

    Kraft paper is a paperboard which is made from the chemical pulp generated in the process of Kraft. There are different types of Kraft, paper available in the marketplace. Each of them is used for a different reason. The sack Kraft paper is that type of Kraft paper which is quite flexible yet sturdy.

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    It has the capacity of high tear resistance because of which it is used to make the product packaging. The pulp generated from the Kraft process is quite strong then the one made up of the pulping processes. Kraft paper can be used to make some things.

    How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes?

    Kraft paper boxes are created and produced in diverse shades, styles, outlines, and sizes. These boxes are mostly ordered in bulk by the product manufacturers who want to wrap up their products in these boxes.

    These boxes are frequently used for shipping big products like electronics to different places. They are quite durable and strong due to which they are able to keep the products safe and sound for a long time. These boxes can easily deal with moist, shocks, dust and other environmental aspects without getting damaged.

    Many box companies are offering these boxes in plain and customized forms. These boxes are designed according to the needs and want of the product manufacturers. There are some businesses that are making use of display Kraft packaging to display their products. On the other hand, it is not recommended by some businesses as they assume that Kraft is not appealing.

    If you are going to start a business on your own and need to make Kraft paper boxes instead of purchasing then you should know the right method. Otherwise, you will not be able to make top quality Kraft paper boxes. We are here with the simple and easy steps that you need to follow to make your boxes. Have a look:

    • First of all, you have to choose Kraft paper according to your choice. It is recommended that you make use of the rectangular Kraft paper. Still, you can use a square shaped paper as well if you want to. It is entirely up to you.
    • Now you need to fold the Kraft paper in the vertical form in half. Make sure that the box is properly folded in half.
    • After folding the paper, you have to unfold it. On each side, you will get four sections. It implies that your Kraft paper will have total 16 sections. When you will get 16 sections then you do not have to unfold the Kraft paper this time. Just keep it in folded form lengthwise.
    • You have to fold every side of the paper towards the center to make the crease. Just take the edge as well as line it with the center crease. One more time you have to unfold the Kraft paper. It must be in sections quarterly and widthwise.
    • Just fold the complete Kraft paper in half but only lengthwise. One more time you have to unfold it and it must be in 8 equal sections.

    • You have to fold every small side towards the center crease. You will have to do the same thing to the new lengthwise center crease as you did in the above 3rd step.
    • It is the time to fold every corner. You need to line the corners up with the closest lengthwise crease. The each folded corner must make right triangles along their bases flush with the lengthwise crease. You need to end up with the uneven octagon.
    • The strip of the Kraft paper must be amid the middle creased edges as well as the edge of the newly folded corner, making the flap.
    • Fold the flaps from the center down over the triangles created in the earlier step. It will open the middle of the Kraft paper so that you can easily view the middle crease inside the box.
    • This flap will be easily visible from the outside of the box. In the event that you are making the gift or the decorative box then you can think about using the 2 sided patterned paper to make the box beautiful.
    • It is the time to pull up the 2 flaps. You have to grip them with the help of the creases in the center. You need to make a complete Kraft paper box.
    • You might need to re-create some folds of the box to make it strong and sturdy.
    • In the end, you have to provide finishing to your box. You can use patterned tapes onto the corners if you want to make the flaps site perfectly. Adorn the bed of the box with the help of marker colors. In addition, you can make use of the wrapping paper to cover the box.

    Note:  You have to apply pressure while folding the Kraft paper boxes different times. Otherwise, the Kraft paper will not fold properly.

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