• Learn To Make Folding Gift Boxes

    How To Make Folding Gift Boxes

    Folding Gift Boxes Are Usually Made From Paper. However, They Are Also Created From Cardboard Material. Numerous Companies Offer These Boxes In Diverse Shapes, Types, And Shades.

    It Does Not Matter What Type Of Gifts You Are Going To Give Away To Your Loved Ones; You Can Present Them The Gift In These Boxes. Some Of The Boxes Have Handles While Some Have Window Panes. They Are Used Across The Globe.
    Many Individuals Make Use Of Customized Folding Gift Boxes That Are Created By The Festivity Or Event. Not Just Individuals, The Businesses Can Also Send Gifts To Their Clients In These Packages.

    Some Box Companies Are Providing Professionally Decorated Folding Gift Boxes Which The Business People Can Make Use To Satisfy Their Clients In A Good Way.

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    How To Make Folding Gift Boxes?

    The Folding Gift Boxes Are A Great Enjoyment To Create. Also, They Could Easily Be Adapted To A Diverse Range Of Methods. This Simple Folded Box Is Created From 2 Sheets Of Paper. Getting The Square-Shaped Papers Is Imperative.

    Nevertheless, The Size Of The Box Depends On The Size Of The Paper. You Can Use Your Own Handmade Paper Folding Gift Boxes For Birthday, Wedding And Anniversary Parties.
    You Can Also Personalize Them With Laces, Ribbons And Other Adornments. At The Moment, We Are Going To Tell You The Simple Steps To Create A Folding Gift Box. Have A Look:

    Materials Required

    • Paper
    • Pencil And Ruler
    • Bone Folder


    1. First Of All, You Have To Do The First Folding. Begin With Folding Every Corner Towards The Square’s Center But Make Sure That You Firmly Make The Crease Of The Fold. You Can Make Use Of Bone Folder To Make The Fold Crease Sharp And Crispy. In This Way, You Will Get A Good Finishing.
    2. Start Folding The First Corner To The Lie Of The First Fold Which You Have Created, Yet On The Other Side. You Need To Repeat This For Every Corner. Make Certain That You Make The 3rd And 4th Corners Properly. Do Not Fold The Wrong Lines At All.
    3. It Is The Time To Fold Every Corner To Meet Up The Closest Fold Line.
    4. You Have To Create Four Cuts In A Sleek And Smooth Way. It Does Not Matter What Corners Are Utilized As Long As They Are Contrary To One Another. You Have To Starts Stamping The Box As It Is The Best Time. Keep In Mind That You Have To Let The Ink To Dry Up Completely. If The Ink Does Not Dry Properly, Then Your Box Will Not Look Good At All.
    5. You Need To Fold The Two Corners Devoid Of Making Cuts Into The Center. You Have To Apply Glue To Make The Folding Strong. When The Glue On This Fold Dries Up Then Move To The Other.
    6. Start Folding The Edges As This Will Make The Two Sides Of Your Gift Box.
    7. When You Get Two Sides Beautifully Then You Have To Fold The Cut Ends At One End Of Your Box.
    8. Now We Are Going To Finish The Last Fold Of The Box. You Need To Fold The Two Remaining Pieces Into The Center Of The Box. It Will Hold Up The Box In Position, And There Will Be No Need Of Using Any Adhesive.
    9. You Have To Start Making The Base Of Your Gift Box. On The Other Hand, Make Sure That You Trim The Square In Smaller Fraction So The Base Will Easily Fit Into The Top.
    10. Complete Your Folding Gift Box By Doing Either Embossing Or Stamping. You Can Also Make Use Of Other Adornments Like Bows.

    The Above-Mentioned Procedure Will Surely Be Understandable To You. You Can Make Use Of Any Sided Paper But Make Sure It Is Square. The Completed Box Will Be Of The Quarter Size Of The Real Square When Measured From Corner To Corner. You Have To Make Two Lines In A Diagonal Position From Corner To Corner. It Will Create A Big X Which Will Make The Center Of The Square.

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