• Are you a product manufacturer or retailer in today’s much competitive business landscape? If you have been keeping up with the latest developments in the industry, you should be well aware of the huge role custom packaging can play. When it comes to boosting sales for products, Custom Boxes are almost as important as product quality itself.

    And then, of course, there is that question of keeping products packaged safely for as long as required. Custom Printed Boxes not only offer maximum attention-grabbing designs for products but can also provide boosted brand marketing with logo printing. When done right, your Wholesale Custom Boxes can be a great add-on to the overall brand image you want.

    To get perfect packaging for your products, you need to pay attention to your packaging boxes. Many different product features and characteristics play a role during the designing phase of perfect packaging. These include:

    • The way products will be sold including shipping channels or retail displays
    • Overall fragility of products and their precautions
    • Size, dimensions and shapes of products to be packaged
    • Custom designs of products and whether or not you need to show them from within packaging boxes using customization options

    Here’s why your custom packaging boxes need a good chunk of your attention:

    Custom Boxes Boost Sales

    Manufacturers, to boost sales use packaging boxes for all products. Packaging is usually the first layer of contact between a potential buyer and the product itself. When you have attractive designs for your custom packaging boxes, these can grab much attention from retail shelves helping boost sales.

    New business and product startups can really benefit from Custom Boxes and their ability to attract consumer attention. When you can follow up on great product quality to go with initial sales gained through attractive packaging boxes, business is only destined to grow.

    Custom Printed Boxes Offer Better Branding

    Branding is something that has a huge impact on businesses and their future endeavors. Product placement is very much dependent on branding as well. Conventional branding and marketing channels help greatly with branding and similar efficiency can also be derived from custom packaging boxes as well.

    Retail products are sold from supermarket or retail store shelves. When you have attractive branding done with brand printing on your packaging boxes, your branding efforts will bear much fruit. In today’s competitive world of retail business, branding can have that competitive edge and provide your business the essential growth that you are looking for.

    Custom Boxes Offer Product Safety

    One role that has been associated with packaging and will be associated with it for a long time is product safety. Brand new products from all industries have a distinctive appeal that makes them look and feel new. Some products are also more fragile than others. To keep their new look and feel and also provide safety for fragile products, custom packaging boxes play a vital role.

    Type and quality of materials you select for your packaging will ultimately decide how protective and safe your packaging boxes are. When you have foods or other soft and crunchy types of products, you need to get rigid durable materials such as cardstock corrugated. These are quite able to offer maximum protection levels for all product types.

    Customized Packaging Brings Shelf Marketing for Products

    When you get your brand logo printed on packaging boxes in an attractive way, shelf based marketing can be achieved for brand and products as well. This shelf-based marketing is a great tool to go along other marketing domains as well. Having seen television adverts and Internet ads for your brand and product, customers tend to favor your products when shopping for similar ones in supermarkets.

    Retail market is getting more competitive by the year. New brands keep entering the industry on regular basis. If you want your brand to have a successful outing, you will need all marketing channels to work for you. Shelf based marketing with packaging boxes is a great opportunity that you should never pass on at all.

    Packaging Organizes Retail Products

    Often, products come in more than one parts. Some products are also sold in bundles of more than one. For all these types of products, packaging boxes can offer maximum organization while keeping everything where it is supposed. Custom packaging boxes are available with die cut inserts made from plastics, cardstock, foam or other soft protective materials.

    These inserts specialize in keeping all products packaged the way they are supposed to. Packaging boxes also come very useful when you need to display them on retail shelves stacked up on each other. These provide a stable base for product to rest in offering them a permanent place on retail shelves that is balanced and steady at the same time.

    Design Customizations Offer More Practicality

    Custom Printed Boxes from high quality packaging suppliers also provide the option for various design customizations. These include options such as custom clear windows; gable boxes with handles or many other types of top and bottom closure boxes with die cut handles on their sides. All these different options make your packaging offer much more practical functionality as well.

    You will be able to handle products in an improved way. Products will be able to provide potential buyers with a peak from within their packaging boxes etc. Many packaging providers also allow for various design customizations like custom tray separations. These many packaging more than one products or ones with more than one part much easier. With the right kinds of Wholesale Custom Boxes, your products will always benefit a great deal.

    All Products Need Packaging Boxes

    When discussing why your Custom Boxes need attention, the whole current trend comes into play as well. Packaging boxes for all types of products whether they are retail shelf based, shipping oriented or any other specific nature, have become quite necessary. The going trend in the market requires some of the best custom packaging boxes for all products.

    If you need to stay updated with the current market trends, your products should have best packaging boxes they can get. Your packaging boxes should be customized perfectly for your specific product industry. They should have perfect designs on them in terms of printing, shapes and box finishes. All these features need much attention and will provide benefits when you have done them right.

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  • Cheap Bakery Boxes with Free Shipping?

    Food items are essentially required clean and safe packaging, not only to attract customers but also to retain the taste and freshness of the item. Bakery items are mouth-watering and appealing, so different unique designs and shapes add more value to them. Such customized solutions are up to the mark and build your brand, in addition to this, top bakeries in the world mainly focus on their packaging. There are different kinds of packaging available, some of them are especially design for display of dry items rest are designed for protection and these are available in different materials. Different materials are explained below that are commonly used in manufacturing bakery boxes.

    Why are attractive Boxes Essential for Bakery items?

    Everyone loves attractive boxes, the pleasant look, design, and style of the table are mandatory. In addition to this simple boxes are more valuable. The attractiveness could be measured through the customer’s feedback and competitor’s analysis. But it should provide the complete brand message, comprehensive information and full details about the products. Moreover, its unique shape also matters a lot, according to a research study, things that unique in the way, design, behavior, styles are easy to remember. So, this is a strong signal of branding.

    Cardboard, Corrugated and Kraft Made Boxes

    There are so many materials that are commonly required to manufacture packaging of the box. Every material has its own value, worth, and properties. Cardboard is very shiny and attractive, so its demand is top of the list. This material can afford too many effects, these are majorly matt, glossy, UV coating, foiling and embossing. There are many other effects that make cardboard attractive and appealing. Furthermore, corrugated is another strengthen material, this is used to manufacture cartons that are mainly used for transportation and storage. These are available in brown color. Kraft bakery boxes are very common. Such boxes are used by many bakers and these are eco-friendly solutions.

    Methods to Find Online Boxes Suppliers

    It is very abstruse to find the right packaging supplier, but you have to pass through this step. Major things that involve in this step to check the quotation prices of the suppliers, check their feedback and online existence. In addition to this check their shipping charges, other customs duties, hidden charges, prices for additional effects and add-ons, after analyzing all such things you will have a clear picture of the supplier.

    List of Online suppliers They are Perfect in my Point of View:

    There are a large number of suppliers that could be approached easily by using Google. But after filtration and passing through above-mentioned steps I personally build a list of good bakery boxes cheap suppliers in the USA. They not only provide cheap bakery boxes but also these are up to the mark.

    • My Box Printing
    • Uline
    • Paklane
    • The Custom Boxes

    If you search on Google, you will find them in the first few results, and they are authoritative and verified in the USA. You can check them one by one.

    Why I Opt for the My Box Printing?

    All are good suppliers, but I found the My Box Printing best for this purpose I strongly recommend them. They have dedicated customer support team and best designers, no doubt others also have a good designer, but I am satisfied with them. They only provide a customized packaging solution, and their website contains a large variety of packaging designs and styles.

    Finding right supplier nowadays is not difficult and it requires little bit search on the Google. In this way, you will see them.

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  • How To Make Folding Gift Boxes

    Folding Gift Boxes Are Usually Made From Paper. However, They Are Also Created From Cardboard Material. Numerous Companies Offer These Boxes In Diverse Shapes, Types, And Shades.

    It Does Not Matter What Type Of Gifts You Are Going To Give Away To Your Loved Ones; You Can Present Them The Gift In These Boxes. Some Of The Boxes Have Handles While Some Have Window Panes. They Are Used Across The Globe.
    Many Individuals Make Use Of Customized Folding Gift Boxes That Are Created By The Festivity Or Event. Not Just Individuals, The Businesses Can Also Send Gifts To Their Clients In These Packages.

    Some Box Companies Are Providing Professionally Decorated Folding Gift Boxes Which The Business People Can Make Use To Satisfy Their Clients In A Good Way.

    Source: Make Folding Gift Boxes

    How To Make Folding Gift Boxes?

    The Folding Gift Boxes Are A Great Enjoyment To Create. Also, They Could Easily Be Adapted To A Diverse Range Of Methods. This Simple Folded Box Is Created From 2 Sheets Of Paper. Getting The Square-Shaped Papers Is Imperative.

    Nevertheless, The Size Of The Box Depends On The Size Of The Paper. You Can Use Your Own Handmade Paper Folding Gift Boxes For Birthday, Wedding And Anniversary Parties.
    You Can Also Personalize Them With Laces, Ribbons And Other Adornments. At The Moment, We Are Going To Tell You The Simple Steps To Create A Folding Gift Box. Have A Look:

    Materials Required

    • Paper
    • Pencil And Ruler
    • Bone Folder


    1. First Of All, You Have To Do The First Folding. Begin With Folding Every Corner Towards The Square’s Center But Make Sure That You Firmly Make The Crease Of The Fold. You Can Make Use Of Bone Folder To Make The Fold Crease Sharp And Crispy. In This Way, You Will Get A Good Finishing.
    2. Start Folding The First Corner To The Lie Of The First Fold Which You Have Created, Yet On The Other Side. You Need To Repeat This For Every Corner. Make Certain That You Make The 3rd And 4th Corners Properly. Do Not Fold The Wrong Lines At All.
    3. It Is The Time To Fold Every Corner To Meet Up The Closest Fold Line.
    4. You Have To Create Four Cuts In A Sleek And Smooth Way. It Does Not Matter What Corners Are Utilized As Long As They Are Contrary To One Another. You Have To Starts Stamping The Box As It Is The Best Time. Keep In Mind That You Have To Let The Ink To Dry Up Completely. If The Ink Does Not Dry Properly, Then Your Box Will Not Look Good At All.
    5. You Need To Fold The Two Corners Devoid Of Making Cuts Into The Center. You Have To Apply Glue To Make The Folding Strong. When The Glue On This Fold Dries Up Then Move To The Other.
    6. Start Folding The Edges As This Will Make The Two Sides Of Your Gift Box.
    7. When You Get Two Sides Beautifully Then You Have To Fold The Cut Ends At One End Of Your Box.
    8. Now We Are Going To Finish The Last Fold Of The Box. You Need To Fold The Two Remaining Pieces Into The Center Of The Box. It Will Hold Up The Box In Position, And There Will Be No Need Of Using Any Adhesive.
    9. You Have To Start Making The Base Of Your Gift Box. On The Other Hand, Make Sure That You Trim The Square In Smaller Fraction So The Base Will Easily Fit Into The Top.
    10. Complete Your Folding Gift Box By Doing Either Embossing Or Stamping. You Can Also Make Use Of Other Adornments Like Bows.

    The Above-Mentioned Procedure Will Surely Be Understandable To You. You Can Make Use Of Any Sided Paper But Make Sure It Is Square. The Completed Box Will Be Of The Quarter Size Of The Real Square When Measured From Corner To Corner. You Have To Make Two Lines In A Diagonal Position From Corner To Corner. It Will Create A Big X Which Will Make The Center Of The Square.

    If You Are Not Interested In Making The Folding Gift Box On Your Own, Then You Can Get It From My Box Printing. It Is The Best Company Which Provides Folding Gift Boxes In Different Forms And Materials. The Printing Techniques Used By This Company Are Latest.

    The Coloring Options Are Also Readily Available. This Company Provides Fastest Shipping And Turnaround Time. Whether You Need A Bulk Of Folding Gift Boxes Or Just One Piece, You Will Get Your Order On Time. The Quality Of Every Box Will Be Superior Yet The Price Will Be Low.

  • Learn How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes?

    Kraft paper is a paperboard which is made from the chemical pulp generated in the process of Kraft. There are different types of Kraft, paper available in the marketplace. Each of them is used for a different reason. The sack Kraft paper is that type of Kraft paper which is quite flexible yet sturdy.

    Source: Kraft Paper

    It has the capacity of high tear resistance because of which it is used to make the product packaging. The pulp generated from the Kraft process is quite strong then the one made up of the pulping processes. Kraft paper can be used to make some things.

    How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes?

    Kraft paper boxes are created and produced in diverse shades, styles, outlines, and sizes. These boxes are mostly ordered in bulk by the product manufacturers who want to wrap up their products in these boxes.

    These boxes are frequently used for shipping big products like electronics to different places. They are quite durable and strong due to which they are able to keep the products safe and sound for a long time. These boxes can easily deal with moist, shocks, dust and other environmental aspects without getting damaged.

    Many box companies are offering these boxes in plain and customized forms. These boxes are designed according to the needs and want of the product manufacturers. There are some businesses that are making use of display Kraft packaging to display their products. On the other hand, it is not recommended by some businesses as they assume that Kraft is not appealing.

    If you are going to start a business on your own and need to make Kraft paper boxes instead of purchasing then you should know the right method. Otherwise, you will not be able to make top quality Kraft paper boxes. We are here with the simple and easy steps that you need to follow to make your boxes. Have a look:

    • First of all, you have to choose Kraft paper according to your choice. It is recommended that you make use of the rectangular Kraft paper. Still, you can use a square shaped paper as well if you want to. It is entirely up to you.
    • Now you need to fold the Kraft paper in the vertical form in half. Make sure that the box is properly folded in half.
    • After folding the paper, you have to unfold it. On each side, you will get four sections. It implies that your Kraft paper will have total 16 sections. When you will get 16 sections then you do not have to unfold the Kraft paper this time. Just keep it in folded form lengthwise.
    • You have to fold every side of the paper towards the center to make the crease. Just take the edge as well as line it with the center crease. One more time you have to unfold the Kraft paper. It must be in sections quarterly and widthwise.
    • Just fold the complete Kraft paper in half but only lengthwise. One more time you have to unfold it and it must be in 8 equal sections.

    • You have to fold every small side towards the center crease. You will have to do the same thing to the new lengthwise center crease as you did in the above 3rd step.
    • It is the time to fold every corner. You need to line the corners up with the closest lengthwise crease. The each folded corner must make right triangles along their bases flush with the lengthwise crease. You need to end up with the uneven octagon.
    • The strip of the Kraft paper must be amid the middle creased edges as well as the edge of the newly folded corner, making the flap.
    • Fold the flaps from the center down over the triangles created in the earlier step. It will open the middle of the Kraft paper so that you can easily view the middle crease inside the box.
    • This flap will be easily visible from the outside of the box. In the event that you are making the gift or the decorative box then you can think about using the 2 sided patterned paper to make the box beautiful.
    • It is the time to pull up the 2 flaps. You have to grip them with the help of the creases in the center. You need to make a complete Kraft paper box.
    • You might need to re-create some folds of the box to make it strong and sturdy.
    • In the end, you have to provide finishing to your box. You can use patterned tapes onto the corners if you want to make the flaps site perfectly. Adorn the bed of the box with the help of marker colors. In addition, you can make use of the wrapping paper to cover the box.

    Note:  You have to apply pressure while folding the Kraft paper boxes different times. Otherwise, the Kraft paper will not fold properly.

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  • New And Unique Packaging Designs Provide A Captivating Look To The Products

    Packaging is the first point of contact for most retail products and there is no doubt that beautiful and unique packaging designs can provide your products a much attractive appeal that helps them sell better in the market from the retail store or supermarket shelves. However, there are many different aspects that must be taken care of by any manufacturing or retailing brand regarding packaging when they want to present their products in a much attractive sales boosting way.

    Source: Unique Packaging Designs

    While making packaging unique, any product brand must make sure to relate them in a suitable way with their products and take care of packaging dimensions, size, fitting, printing, color combinations or surface finishes while not going overboard with any of the mentioned aspects. When you do too much in terms of new designs and ideas, there will always be the tendency of losing the basic viewpoint of packaging and ending up with something that looks a bit out of place and not in a design singularity with the product. Here are a few new unique design aspects that you must get right when providing packaging for your products:

    Unique Die Cut Shapes and Designs

    Uniqueness starts right from the material designs and the way packaging wraps around products keeping them not only safe but also presenting them in an attractive way to the customers. Custom Boxes Packaging ideas can be made unique and attractive with design innovations of the highest standards; packaging can be die cut accurately into such futuristic shapes using modern advanced equipment that was just not a possibility only a few decades ago.

    Fancy window cutout boxes, attractive triangular boxes, suitable round or circular boxes and even some of the unique pyramid boxes with round or square inner trays are some of many captivating packaging boxes options that can highlight your products from the rest on supermarket shelves making them sell like hot cakes boosted by attractive catchy designs.

    Fancy Printing Embellishments

    Printed design is one of the most differentiating factors when it comes to retail ready product packaging. These can provide your packaging the unique and attractive look it needs to make your products appeal more to your potential customers. Unique and new ways of printing include the well-adapted offset printing in many different formats including the fancy gold/silver foiling, embossing, debossing or raised printing for brand logos, names or supporting designs that make your name stand out in the crowd.

    When you want to catch your potential customer’s attention from supermarket shelves where many different brands have placed their similar products, you will need every bit of unique captivating design help and attractive color combinations with true to life colors are certainly one of the top choices available to a brand.

    Unique New Designs VS Plain Traditional Options

    When you want to know the absolute best packaging design option available, the best thing you can do is to compare the old and the new options with each other and hope to find just the combination that is right for you. Following are a few significant outcomes that are in favor of new and unique packaging designs:

    • Customers will want to check out your products because they get attracted towards them with catchy designs.
    • Your brand can get the traction it needs to succeed in the open market full of touch competition.
    • You can get unique shelf advertisement for your products and brand name providing through efficient attractive printing.
    • Die cut packaging boxes can also make your products appeal more to the customers while they rest on supermarket or retail store shelves for selling purposes.

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