• How To Make Folding Gift Boxes

    Folding Gift Boxes Are Usually Made From Paper. However, They Are Also Created From Cardboard Material. Numerous Companies Offer These Boxes In Diverse Shapes, Types, And Shades.

    It Does Not Matter What Type Of Gifts You Are Going To Give Away To Your Loved Ones; You Can Present Them The Gift In These Boxes. Some Of The Boxes Have Handles While Some Have Window Panes. They Are Used Across The Globe.
    Many Individuals Make Use Of Customized Folding Gift Boxes That Are Created By The Festivity Or Event. Not Just Individuals, The Businesses Can Also Send Gifts To Their Clients In These Packages.

    Some Box Companies Are Providing Professionally Decorated Folding Gift Boxes Which The Business People Can Make Use To Satisfy Their Clients In A Good Way.

    Source: Make Folding Gift Boxes

    How To Make Folding Gift Boxes?

    The Folding Gift Boxes Are A Great Enjoyment To Create. Also, They Could Easily Be Adapted To A Diverse Range Of Methods. This Simple Folded Box Is Created From 2 Sheets Of Paper. Getting The Square-Shaped Papers Is Imperative.

    Nevertheless, The Size Of The Box Depends On The Size Of The Paper. You Can Use Your Own Handmade Paper Folding Gift Boxes For Birthday, Wedding And Anniversary Parties.
    You Can Also Personalize Them With Laces, Ribbons And Other Adornments. At The Moment, We Are Going To Tell You The Simple Steps To Create A Folding Gift Box. Have A Look:

    Materials Required

    • Paper
    • Pencil And Ruler
    • Bone Folder


    1. First Of All, You Have To Do The First Folding. Begin With Folding Every Corner Towards The Square’s Center But Make Sure That You Firmly Make The Crease Of The Fold. You Can Make Use Of Bone Folder To Make The Fold Crease Sharp And Crispy. In This Way, You Will Get A Good Finishing.
    2. Start Folding The First Corner To The Lie Of The First Fold Which You Have Created, Yet On The Other Side. You Need To Repeat This For Every Corner. Make Certain That You Make The 3rd And 4th Corners Properly. Do Not Fold The Wrong Lines At All.
    3. It Is The Time To Fold Every Corner To Meet Up The Closest Fold Line.
    4. You Have To Create Four Cuts In A Sleek And Smooth Way. It Does Not Matter What Corners Are Utilized As Long As They Are Contrary To One Another. You Have To Starts Stamping The Box As It Is The Best Time. Keep In Mind That You Have To Let The Ink To Dry Up Completely. If The Ink Does Not Dry Properly, Then Your Box Will Not Look Good At All.
    5. You Need To Fold The Two Corners Devoid Of Making Cuts Into The Center. You Have To Apply Glue To Make The Folding Strong. When The Glue On This Fold Dries Up Then Move To The Other.
    6. Start Folding The Edges As This Will Make The Two Sides Of Your Gift Box.
    7. When You Get Two Sides Beautifully Then You Have To Fold The Cut Ends At One End Of Your Box.
    8. Now We Are Going To Finish The Last Fold Of The Box. You Need To Fold The Two Remaining Pieces Into The Center Of The Box. It Will Hold Up The Box In Position, And There Will Be No Need Of Using Any Adhesive.
    9. You Have To Start Making The Base Of Your Gift Box. On The Other Hand, Make Sure That You Trim The Square In Smaller Fraction So The Base Will Easily Fit Into The Top.
    10. Complete Your Folding Gift Box By Doing Either Embossing Or Stamping. You Can Also Make Use Of Other Adornments Like Bows.

    The Above-Mentioned Procedure Will Surely Be Understandable To You. You Can Make Use Of Any Sided Paper But Make Sure It Is Square. The Completed Box Will Be Of The Quarter Size Of The Real Square When Measured From Corner To Corner. You Have To Make Two Lines In A Diagonal Position From Corner To Corner. It Will Create A Big X Which Will Make The Center Of The Square.

    If You Are Not Interested In Making The Folding Gift Box On Your Own, Then You Can Get It From My Box Printing. It Is The Best Company Which Provides Folding Gift Boxes In Different Forms And Materials. The Printing Techniques Used By This Company Are Latest.

    The Coloring Options Are Also Readily Available. This Company Provides Fastest Shipping And Turnaround Time. Whether You Need A Bulk Of Folding Gift Boxes Or Just One Piece, You Will Get Your Order On Time. The Quality Of Every Box Will Be Superior Yet The Price Will Be Low.

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  • Learn How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes?

    Kraft paper is a paperboard which is made from the chemical pulp generated in the process of Kraft. There are different types of Kraft, paper available in the marketplace. Each of them is used for a different reason. The sack Kraft paper is that type of Kraft paper which is quite flexible yet sturdy.

    Source: Kraft Paper

    It has the capacity of high tear resistance because of which it is used to make the product packaging. The pulp generated from the Kraft process is quite strong then the one made up of the pulping processes. Kraft paper can be used to make some things.

    How To Make Kraft Paper Boxes?

    Kraft paper boxes are created and produced in diverse shades, styles, outlines, and sizes. These boxes are mostly ordered in bulk by the product manufacturers who want to wrap up their products in these boxes.

    These boxes are frequently used for shipping big products like electronics to different places. They are quite durable and strong due to which they are able to keep the products safe and sound for a long time. These boxes can easily deal with moist, shocks, dust and other environmental aspects without getting damaged.

    Many box companies are offering these boxes in plain and customized forms. These boxes are designed according to the needs and want of the product manufacturers. There are some businesses that are making use of display Kraft packaging to display their products. On the other hand, it is not recommended by some businesses as they assume that Kraft is not appealing.

    If you are going to start a business on your own and need to make Kraft paper boxes instead of purchasing then you should know the right method. Otherwise, you will not be able to make top quality Kraft paper boxes. We are here with the simple and easy steps that you need to follow to make your boxes. Have a look:

    • First of all, you have to choose Kraft paper according to your choice. It is recommended that you make use of the rectangular Kraft paper. Still, you can use a square shaped paper as well if you want to. It is entirely up to you.
    • Now you need to fold the Kraft paper in the vertical form in half. Make sure that the box is properly folded in half.
    • After folding the paper, you have to unfold it. On each side, you will get four sections. It implies that your Kraft paper will have total 16 sections. When you will get 16 sections then you do not have to unfold the Kraft paper this time. Just keep it in folded form lengthwise.
    • You have to fold every side of the paper towards the center to make the crease. Just take the edge as well as line it with the center crease. One more time you have to unfold the Kraft paper. It must be in sections quarterly and widthwise.
    • Just fold the complete Kraft paper in half but only lengthwise. One more time you have to unfold it and it must be in 8 equal sections.

    • You have to fold every small side towards the center crease. You will have to do the same thing to the new lengthwise center crease as you did in the above 3rd step.
    • It is the time to fold every corner. You need to line the corners up with the closest lengthwise crease. The each folded corner must make right triangles along their bases flush with the lengthwise crease. You need to end up with the uneven octagon.
    • The strip of the Kraft paper must be amid the middle creased edges as well as the edge of the newly folded corner, making the flap.
    • Fold the flaps from the center down over the triangles created in the earlier step. It will open the middle of the Kraft paper so that you can easily view the middle crease inside the box.
    • This flap will be easily visible from the outside of the box. In the event that you are making the gift or the decorative box then you can think about using the 2 sided patterned paper to make the box beautiful.
    • It is the time to pull up the 2 flaps. You have to grip them with the help of the creases in the center. You need to make a complete Kraft paper box.
    • You might need to re-create some folds of the box to make it strong and sturdy.
    • In the end, you have to provide finishing to your box. You can use patterned tapes onto the corners if you want to make the flaps site perfectly. Adorn the bed of the box with the help of marker colors. In addition, you can make use of the wrapping paper to cover the box.

    Note:  You have to apply pressure while folding the Kraft paper boxes different times. Otherwise, the Kraft paper will not fold properly.

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  • New And Unique Packaging Designs Provide A Captivating Look To The Products

    Packaging is the first point of contact for most retail products and there is no doubt that beautiful and unique packaging designs can provide your products a much attractive appeal that helps them sell better in the market from the retail store or supermarket shelves. However, there are many different aspects that must be taken care of by any manufacturing or retailing brand regarding packaging when they want to present their products in a much attractive sales boosting way.

    Source: Unique Packaging Designs

    While making packaging unique, any product brand must make sure to relate them in a suitable way with their products and take care of packaging dimensions, size, fitting, printing, color combinations or surface finishes while not going overboard with any of the mentioned aspects. When you do too much in terms of new designs and ideas, there will always be the tendency of losing the basic viewpoint of packaging and ending up with something that looks a bit out of place and not in a design singularity with the product. Here are a few new unique design aspects that you must get right when providing packaging for your products:

    Unique Die Cut Shapes and Designs

    Uniqueness starts right from the material designs and the way packaging wraps around products keeping them not only safe but also presenting them in an attractive way to the customers. Custom Boxes Packaging ideas can be made unique and attractive with design innovations of the highest standards; packaging can be die cut accurately into such futuristic shapes using modern advanced equipment that was just not a possibility only a few decades ago.

    Fancy window cutout boxes, attractive triangular boxes, suitable round or circular boxes and even some of the unique pyramid boxes with round or square inner trays are some of many captivating packaging boxes options that can highlight your products from the rest on supermarket shelves making them sell like hot cakes boosted by attractive catchy designs.

    Fancy Printing Embellishments

    Printed design is one of the most differentiating factors when it comes to retail ready product packaging. These can provide your packaging the unique and attractive look it needs to make your products appeal more to your potential customers. Unique and new ways of printing include the well-adapted offset printing in many different formats including the fancy gold/silver foiling, embossing, debossing or raised printing for brand logos, names or supporting designs that make your name stand out in the crowd.

    When you want to catch your potential customer’s attention from supermarket shelves where many different brands have placed their similar products, you will need every bit of unique captivating design help and attractive color combinations with true to life colors are certainly one of the top choices available to a brand.

    Unique New Designs VS Plain Traditional Options

    When you want to know the absolute best packaging design option available, the best thing you can do is to compare the old and the new options with each other and hope to find just the combination that is right for you. Following are a few significant outcomes that are in favor of new and unique packaging designs:

    • Customers will want to check out your products because they get attracted towards them with catchy designs.
    • Your brand can get the traction it needs to succeed in the open market full of touch competition.
    • You can get unique shelf advertisement for your products and brand name providing through efficient attractive printing.
    • Die cut packaging boxes can also make your products appeal more to the customers while they rest on supermarket or retail store shelves for selling purposes.

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    First of all, let's begin with answering that one query we all want to know: WHAT IS EXACTLY THIS EYE PRIMER AND HOW


    Just like what a face primer does, eye primer guarantees that your eyeshadow or your liquid eyeliner stays same all day and not only that it even intercepts your eyeshadow from crumbling on your eyelids. They come in the gel-like formula that liquifies away on your eyelid when you blend it.

    Source: EYE PRIMER

    The main dissimilarity between a face primer and an eye primer is the formula---- and the obvious, one if for the face and the other one is for the eye. Not some but most of the face primers hold silicon or water, which makes them smooth and velvety to touch. Not only that it also helps to fill out any pores, imperfection, and flaws the skin might have. Though eye primers perceive somewhat runny and viscid and it has a slight grasp so that it helps to make your eye product lasts longer and your eye makeup stays on point.


    Yes! They do, eye primers work. If your eyeliner doesn’t stay same so it's not entirely its fault it’s the absence or paucity of the base that helps it on its way. So stop searching for that one eyeliner that stays same instead buy you eye primer that will surely hold your eyeliner for longer.




    Eye primer creates or produces a base for the eyelids. It soaks in all the excess oil from your eyelid thus providing an even, flat and featureless surface of the eyelid on which it blends and works on. Without an eye primer oily eyelid, a cause furrow and cragged effect all day. It also causes patchy and speckled surface. So, eyelids without primers will make shadow pigments vanish in hours.

    Also, like your lips, eyelids have a natural tone that for sure make it hard for any shadow to appear. Primers with nude and white tones act and tends as cleaning materials that allow any shadow to appear. So now you don’t need to waste thousands to buy that perfect shadow palette but from now you can squander and waste your money on solid and long-lasting makeup looks, and we bet that is the better choice.
    Now if you have any queries, you can grab your favorite eye primer palette and see how to use it below!


    Using eye primer is easy but tricky but once you become a master at it becomes easy as pie so after you apply your daily eye creams and moisturizers, spurt out a little bit of primer and either onto your fingertips or your eye brush. The layer should be thin, and it should blend and absorb quickly so that it makes your skin leveled, smooth and ready for the shadow. Just a tiny, diminutive quantity for each lid will be enough. Tap it gently and swiftly so that the formula can blend into the skin. Starting from your lash line go all the way to the eyebrows, the advantage that eyebrows get from this is that the brow product lasts longer. It's up to you if you want to use it apply it under bottom eyelashes in case you plan to use eyeshadow or eyeliner under there. The eye primer takes a minute or less to dry out and absorbs

    If you plan on making DIY eyeshadows, you can get cute eyeshadow palette packaging from any packaging company. You can also get it custom made.


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  • Wedding Invitation:

    A wedding welcome is a letter requesting that the beneficiary goes to a wedding. It is commonly composed in formal, third-individual dialect and sent five to two months previously the wedding date. Like some other welcome, it is the benefit and obligation of the host—generally, for more youthful ladies in Western culture, the mother of the lady, for the benefit of the lady of the hour's family—to issue solicitations, either by sending them herself or making them be sent, either by enrolling the assistance of relatives, companions, or her social secretary to choose the list of people to attend and address envelopes, or by procuring an administration. With PC innovation, some can print straightforwardly on envelopes from a list of people to attend utilizing a mail converge with word handling and spreadsheet programming.

    Invitation Boxes:

    To make your invitation Boxes and simple get the solicitations boxes to show them in. These look lovely and will shield your welcome from tearing or bowing. Accessible in greater amounts so you will discover them reasonable and of high caliber. We have a wide range of sorts of welcome boxes, shapes, sorts, and hues. You can likewise pick a topical welcome box to coordinate your request.

    A square pocket overlay welcome tied by a twofold confronted glossy silk lace and gave a name. The wedding welcome opens to uncover the welcome upheld by a similar load of the container and three additions which incorporated an RSVP postcard. The crates are carefully assembled from 160lb twofold thick stock mahogany cover. Also, completed off by uniquely printed address mark groups that are in a similar green metallic supply of the pocket folds. Couldn't release this one without taking a couple of pictures!

    How to Make:

    For the Silk box, the provisions you will require:

    1. Scissors
    2. Craft glue weapon (your closest companion) and GLUE sticks
    3. Straight Edge cutting board
    4. A4 Box (paper source $1.75/each)
    5. Dark Felt (or your decision of shading) either 8×11 (influences one box to top and base) or the substantial 12×12

    You can likewise buy from the material segment VELVET on the off chance that you find remnants marked down! it works as well (piece muddled to slice however and not easy to work with)

    1: Measure out the material:

    Measure out the material on the outside of the container by laying the cover or base piece over the fabric. You need no less than 2" of additional with the goal that when you crease over the fabric within it covers the inward divider down to the base of the container. You shouldn't be slick with this part on the edges since the dividers with overlap with other material later.

    2: Center the Cover/Base of The Material:

    Utilizing the craft glue firearm, including stick within the container its self and overlay over the material so it meets the base of the crate. Test it first before you begin including the paste. At first, I began collapsing the edges so it would be slick (yet it didn't have any kind of effect) and on the off chance that you crease it too often within will be too thick to close! So less demanding and proficient route is to simply gauge quite recently the appropriate measure of material so it won't be puffy. This a case of what I began doing:

    After this initial one, I understood that I collapsed the material too often it turned out to be thick and difficult to seal the case to the next end.

    Within the case should resemble this and the outside should now resemble this!

    3: The Inner Lining:

    Take the velvet paper or material and apportion how far up the mass of the crate you need it to go. A large portion of my welcomes are quite recently the construct the others have it considering the considerable number of dividers. Inclination truly. I found that just by slicing the 8×11 down the middle it would pretty much fit the internal box. It’s basically scrapbooking paper. 

    4: Size:

    Now after you have tried the size include stick along the base chasm of the case, not the center (since when it dries, it will solidify then show). Add paste to the side dividers (to however far up the material went to) You must do this part sort of quick. The paste dries entirely quick, and won't stick tantamount to it starts to dry. Place the material over and cover out the material up the paste.

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